Lots of new fabrics

We've had delivery after delivery the past few weeks. So many new fabrics in store, it's a struggle to keep up with the unpacking while we have customers and classes to attend to as well!

Birch, 100% organic cotton range.


 New Alexander Henry.

We've also got lots of new quilting templates, Perle 8 threads, and DMC machine embroidery thread in lots of colours... which, as silly as it sounds, this cotton is amazing for hand piecing! These threads don't tangle and are so beautiful to sew with, I recommend them to anybody who is doing piecing (with papers or without) and also applique. They are $5.95 for 500m at Amitie which is great value!

I've been busy sewing at home... my paper piecing has taken a back seat while I quilt a gift, but I still find the time to get some done. Below is my octagon and squares quilt that I blogged about in this post.
I have one more row to add, it's just going to be a cot size... it's in the shop at the moment and has got lots of compliments, which is so nice to hear because I am falling out of love with it (you know, the more you stare at something, the less it interests you... I'm sure when it's finished I will love it again)!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

amitie girl

Happy busy friday!

I've been a very busy bee these past few days.
Cutting, ripping, folding, sorting, collating... yes, it's the next piece of the BOM puzzle for all participating in The Circle Game! I am so grateful that the planning process was a little better this time around. Although Green Tea and Sweet Beans was an amazingly beautiful BOM, there was SOOOO much more cutting. Sending out pieces 2" by 4"sent me a little bit batty.

Doing BOM once a month is a pretty scary reminder of how quickly this year is going already... Cannot believe it is nearly April! Been busy quilting this very special quilt from this post. It's almost birthday time for that lucky lady so better have her present waiting!
Also keeping me off the streets is the Down Under Quilt Swap. This is the first swap I have ever done, and also my first doll quilt. I am having the best time, creating something I hope my partner will love!
The brief: bright and cheerful, very much her style... so here's a sneak peak of fabric selection!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

amitie girl


While sorting through the mail...

One address caught my eye...

Hope this parcel puts a smile on a face during such a terrible time.
My thoughts are with Japan.
amitie girl

Too cute

We have lots of new fabric in the store at the moment but one has really caught my eye...

I love this new Kokka print.

The monkey actually made me squeal when I unpacked it from the box!

It is available in store and online here

Can't imagine it sticking around for too long!

amitie girl


The Down Under Quilt Swap is happening again....

do I?
Don't I?

I've always wanted to... so maybe I should!
I guess I'll sleep on it and know by tomorrow morning!

amitie girl

Stock explosion

Just because the boss is away doesn't mean things around the store stop... we're still here chugging along.
But things are looking a little chaotic because we've got SO MUCH STOCK!
Liberty that doesn't fit on a shelf (not complaining)!

Same goes for the reds and pinks (still, not complaining)!

Extra shelves to make room  for our huge selection of Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs collection (again... not complaining)!

Pre-cut Kaffe prints, kits and Reece Scannell shot cottons.

And something I'm very excited about... Papers of all shapes and sizes just arrived in the mail (definitely not complaining)! Can't wait to plan my next paper pieced project but until I do that better get them priced and on the shelf.

amitie girl

More Liberty of London online now!

Visit our online store here.
amitie girl

A slight delay...

No new Liberty's online today...  I swear it isn't my fault!
What a panic!!
I just kept asking: what about the internet orders? What about all the patterns? And templates? And Pictures?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thank god for clever friends who work in IT (same one from THIS post) we are back on track and it looks like nothing has been lost!

More Liberty of London Seasonal prints online tomorrow!
amitie girl