Update: Market

So at the end of day 2 all I can say is "wow"! I'm always amazed by the size of Houston International Quilt Market. It's huge, with so much to see. It's always exciting seeing the big players. Chatting to Tula Pink was fun, and Amy Butler's booth is incredibly beautiful.
Melody Miller is another stand out booth of me. Cute vintage feel, full of the sweetest bits and bobs! Her booth is Christmas themed and the hanging star lights are the nicest touch.
Not to mention our Sesame St friends here!
My all time favourites haven't disappointed (and I knew they wouldn't).
Alexander Henry.
Your booth. Your fabrics.
I love you!
This wall at Art Series Fabrics keeps catching my eye.
The George R Brown centre is huge. I would guess it's about twice the size of Jeff's Shed in Melbourne, all dedicated to crafty-goodness! It's a pretty interesting building, so here I am snapping away at things that really don't have anything to do with why I am here (most of them found on trips to and from Starbucks)!
Last year was my first Market, and I gifted myself a beautiful vintage ring so this year I decided to make it tradition. Another Houston Market, another ring. Well, 2 rings.
They are engraved with words: Faith, Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Balance and Peace.
They are perfection!
If you're wondering what the hits are?
Georgetown on my Mind and Green tea & Sweet Beans have caught everybody's eye but to be honest - they're all eye catchers.
(Note: There's way more to come. I have been taking photo after photo on my 'Big Girl' camera but I have no photo editing on my laptop IDIOT so stay tuned after our return... I plan to share more because trust me, THERE'S A LOT AT MARKET)
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Hello from Houston

Well we're here in warm and sunny Houston, Texas.
It was a long trip. 30 hours, and 3 planes but thank god for sleeping tablets!
We're staying on the 28th floor of our hotel.
Which means the view out the window isn't too shabby!
We've had some lovely meals.

And a nice drop.
There's been a hint of shopping.
And, of course, set up.
We've got one more day to run around and do the final touches before the madness of Market begins!
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We're off!

Tomorrow we leave on a pretty exciting adventure. We're off to Quilt Market in Houston to tell the world about Jen Kingwell Designs!

Because I am the office manager, office-y duties will be on hold until I get back!

For anybody needing assistance - Please call the shop on (03) 9596 7225
All internet orders will be processed after our return on the 1st on November.

Stay tuned on Facebook (HERE) and on the blogs to hear all about our journey!

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Quilt Market and Me

In 6 days The Boss Lady and I will be boarding a plane to Houston (well, 3 planes actually. Have I mentioned I hate flying? Sigh).
Life has been pretty busy getting us organized for this big adventure. I feel like my blog has been very much all business. Nothing really warm and fuzzy being said about what exactly I have been up to.

So... Where to begin?
I've recently done a short course in Adobe Illustrator.
The instructor had a little typo in one of the lessons on a logo for a shoe store. I had a giggle.

This course has been great. The Boss Lady is getting pretty damn creative with her patterns and it's really given me the skills to keep up!

Georgetown on my mind. Pattern Available HERE

I have a new photo taking contraption on the back wall, and to say it makes my life easier when it comes to photographing quilts for pattern covers and books is the biggest understatement of the year!

I've also been doing an online course on photography because I do love snapping away behind the camera. It's taking me a lot longer than expected to get through all the modules, but I am sticking with it. I'm sure I will write more about this in the future!

The printer is working overtime (both the professional printer and the little Epson one that sits on my desk in the office).
The Circle Game Pattern Booklet has just been delivered. YAY!

And I have got copy upon copy of all the other patterns being printed.

If anybody is looking to purchase the new Jen Kingwell Designs pattern range, they have been loaded onto our online store so please check them out HERE.

As for my own personal life...
I am still Hello Kitty obsessed. OBSESSED!

I'm still walking to and from working snapping whatever catches my eye.

 Healthy eating has become a pretty important part of my life. No words can explain how much this has changed my health both body and mind.

If only I could give up my sweet tooth!

Any Melbourne people. Get down to Yo-Chi on Carlisle St, St Kilda. It's tasty, tasty, tasty!

Stay tuned to the blogs. We'll be trying to update you all as often as possible when we're away!
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The new Liberty of London Lifestyle range 'Bloomsbury' is online now.

Have a look HERE

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