The first mail out for stash club has been sent, and Vicki who is a very familiar face here at Amitie whipped her block up very quickly.
I thought you all might like to see it!

Mine is on it's way!

amitie girl

In case you miss it on the boss' blog

click to enlarge.
amitie girl

Stash Club

We've been busy organising our new Stash Club.

We've decided to include a block pattern with every mail out. Whether you use it with the Stash club fabrics or not, they will all be 8" blocks so could make a beautiful, scrappy quilt.

In other shop news: we got our samples of the Liberty Lifestyle Art Fabrics. We have ordered these and I cannot wait to have them in store. I don't have a delivery date yet but keep an eye on the blogs and Facebook (search pages for Amitie Textiles and 'LIKE' us) as we will announce their arrival.

A lovely customer, Leah, came in to visit us and we got onto the subject of thimbles. Jen said she has a cheap metal thimble, I said I like the Clover silicone with metal tip then Leah got out her gold and DIAMOND (!) thimble.
To say I was amazed is an understatement!

I am still walking to and from work, even though it's freezing (note to self: buy a coat). I am loving the beautiful sunsets I witness every day and all the different things I see. Here's a few snaps from my Instagram.

Gardenvale Rd.

Glen Huntly Rd.

No idea what street this is... love the blue sky!

From the front of my apartment.
And here's a snap of my personal sewing - still madly stitching my scrappy squares!

Thinking I might set them on point.

amitie girl