Stash Club

We've been busy organising our new Stash Club.

We've decided to include a block pattern with every mail out. Whether you use it with the Stash club fabrics or not, they will all be 8" blocks so could make a beautiful, scrappy quilt.

In other shop news: we got our samples of the Liberty Lifestyle Art Fabrics. We have ordered these and I cannot wait to have them in store. I don't have a delivery date yet but keep an eye on the blogs and Facebook (search pages for Amitie Textiles and 'LIKE' us) as we will announce their arrival.

A lovely customer, Leah, came in to visit us and we got onto the subject of thimbles. Jen said she has a cheap metal thimble, I said I like the Clover silicone with metal tip then Leah got out her gold and DIAMOND (!) thimble.
To say I was amazed is an understatement!

I am still walking to and from work, even though it's freezing (note to self: buy a coat). I am loving the beautiful sunsets I witness every day and all the different things I see. Here's a few snaps from my Instagram.

Gardenvale Rd.

Glen Huntly Rd.

No idea what street this is... love the blue sky!

From the front of my apartment.
And here's a snap of my personal sewing - still madly stitching my scrappy squares!

Thinking I might set them on point.

amitie girl


Simon - aka Bloke said...

hi, keep making squares - I am up to 900 so far of my scrappy squares - looking forward to the first stash club so I can have some more variety ..

Belinda aka beeware said...

Lovely post & photos Lucy. Excited about your stash club! Great idea re-block pattern. Loving the gypsy BOM.

verykerryberry said...

So happy to see a block pattern in with the stash fabrics! A scrap quilt was exactly what I had planned with them- looking forward to receiving!

lil said...

hmm, looks yummy, and the block pattern sounds great, made a mail to your shop, want to join this, as all your BOM's, didn't get an answer yet

Yarn Wrap said...

Love the photos