A New Year...

Can't believe it is the 31st of December.
What's on my mind?

I hope you all have a very happy and safe new year.
See you in 2011, thanks for reading!
amitie girl

This Little Piggy

5.45 am start. YAWN, but thank god it was the soft gentle sounds of my Mother's voice calling and not the awful screeching of the alarm.
We were out of the house by 6.15 am and off to our very first market stall!

What a great place!

We loved the 30 minute set up rather than the 4-7 hours we're use to at the big craft fairs!

And there were lots of familiar faces...
Jane from Thunder Road who works at Amitie but had her own stall selling beautiful hand made things and Andi from Patch Andi who had popped down to check everything out for herself.

I had a great day down and recommend it for any local Melbourne-ites who want to pick up some cute and hand made (or even something tasty from the Farmers Market that's there the same day)!

amitie girl


 Lucy says:
 I think I would be bored at your job...  my job is colours and creativity.
Lucy's computer programmer friend says:
 My jobs all that and more!

Lucy says:
 colour? creativity?

 Lucy says:
... I win!

amitie girl

Around the store

2 visitors last Friday - Ron R from Sydney and little Daisy (who you might have seen over here). Lots of games and giggling coming from these two. Adorable!

Below is Jenny R's version of Judy's Saville Row.
It was being basted in the store so I had to take a few pics!

I've been busy getting ready for this weekend.
Amitie will have a stand at the Mulgrave Makers Market this Sunday morning.
We'll be selling fabric bundles, scrap bags, kits for kids, cushion kits and of course badges!

Come down and see us! I've heard great things about this market and can't wait to pick myself up some beautifully handmade things!

xoxo amitie girl