A New Year...

Can't believe it is the 31st of December.
What's on my mind?

I hope you all have a very happy and safe new year.
See you in 2011, thanks for reading!
amitie girl

This Little Piggy

5.45 am start. YAWN, but thank god it was the soft gentle sounds of my Mother's voice calling and not the awful screeching of the alarm.
We were out of the house by 6.15 am and off to our very first market stall!

What a great place!

We loved the 30 minute set up rather than the 4-7 hours we're use to at the big craft fairs!

And there were lots of familiar faces...
Jane from Thunder Road who works at Amitie but had her own stall selling beautiful hand made things and Andi from Patch Andi who had popped down to check everything out for herself.

I had a great day down and recommend it for any local Melbourne-ites who want to pick up some cute and hand made (or even something tasty from the Farmers Market that's there the same day)!

amitie girl


 Lucy says:
 I think I would be bored at your job...  my job is colours and creativity.
Lucy's computer programmer friend says:
 My jobs all that and more!

Lucy says:
 colour? creativity?

 Lucy says:
... I win!

amitie girl

Around the store

2 visitors last Friday - Ron R from Sydney and little Daisy (who you might have seen over here). Lots of games and giggling coming from these two. Adorable!

Below is Jenny R's version of Judy's Saville Row.
It was being basted in the store so I had to take a few pics!

I've been busy getting ready for this weekend.
Amitie will have a stand at the Mulgrave Makers Market this Sunday morning.
We'll be selling fabric bundles, scrap bags, kits for kids, cushion kits and of course badges!

Come down and see us! I've heard great things about this market and can't wait to pick myself up some beautifully handmade things!

xoxo amitie girl

My life Monday...

Feeling: Relaxed...

After a weekend away at the beach for a special friend's birthday.

(She likes to pull her "Stink eye" in photos!)

We were lucky enough to stay at her Mum's cottages up on the Great Ocean Road.

Look out the front door you see beach.

And look out the back door you see rolling hills.
Dotted with the cutest farm animals.
And also some craft.

It's really a unique spot that I can't wait to revisit soon.
For more information on the cottages click here.

amitie girl


Remember this old post.


The dress is finished (it has been for a while but it's been at a show and displayed in the shop)

It's perfect for summer - light and comfortable and fits like a glove!
Pattern is the Round About Dress available at in store and online.

Enjoy the weekend!

amitie girl


Yesterday was a day off for me. After working Saturday at the sale so I managed to score an RDO which was spent at home relaxing, doing house work and organising my wardrobe.

 A task easier said than done!
The past few days in the shop have had a similar theme... organising! After such a busy 4 days during the sale the shop has looked like a bombs gone off but thankfully things are starting to look a little less chaotic.

Bolts off the floor!

Neat and tidy shelves!

Empty shelves!

Even the unruly black and whites are looking good!
What a good feeling!!

Just a reminder about the Christmas Charity afternoon Tea. It's this Sunday!!
amitie girl

Sale - Day 3

30 cm cuts are a big hit at $4.50 each!

Image by to Patch Andi - Thanks Andi!

amitie girl

Sale - Day 2

Sustenance for the staff... Check

amitie girl

I'm late, I'm late...

New in store and online - a cute Alice in Wonderland print.

amitie girl

Sale - Day 1

More fabric on the floor than shelves... check.

amitie girl


Remember those old ads 'Ken Bruce has gone mad"... well I think the new saying should be "Jenny K has gone mad"!

Selected kits 50% off
Pre-cut 30cm pieces are all $4.50
A great range of fabric at 50% off and even some at $5 per metre!

amitie girl

Tis the season to be jolly, already?

If you're anything like me you'll be walking the rows of supermarkets and department stores thinking "Christmas... already?"
I know, I know it seems really early to be talking about this but it's hard not to get in the festive spirits when you're planning the...

Sunday 21st of Nov 2011 1.30-3.30 pm
How does it work?
We ask you to make a handmade Christmas decoration which will then be available for purchase at the afternoon and in store at Amitie - all proceeds from the sale of the decorations will be donated to a local charity.
It'll be a fun filled afternoon with cakes and nibbles supplied, all you have to do is get in the holiday spirit and create something beautiful for somebody's tree!
(If you are from interstate or even even further and would like to donate a handmade decoration please do so by sending to 281 Centre Road, Bentleigh Victoria AUSTRALIA 3240)

Better get my craft on and create something to donate.
Stumbled across these cuties online for inspiration.
amitie girl

Sometimes I ask myself why?

Things here at Amitie take time.
The BOM takes time to package and send. 
Pattern drafting takes time.
Even something that seems as simple as a sale takes times.
Where do we put all the extra fabrics making an appearance from the store room? 
Then there is the left over show stock, where will that go?
There is lots of shuffling, moving, pushing and pulling.
What is 50% off, what isn't?

I sometimes think WHY?!

Well our floors look like this.

And our shelves are jam packed.
I guess that's why!!

There will be a lot of bargains on offer so make sure you come down and visit us!
20 - 50% off store wide 
(in store only, excludes Pfaff products)
10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of Nov
Normal trading hours
As for this little scrap... I think I'll make badges out of you!
amitie girl 


It's time for another SALE!
Because not only is our store jam packed with beautiful fabric, take a look at a shelf in our store room....

20 - 50% off store wide 
(in store only, excludes Pfaff products)
10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of Nov
Normal trading hours

amitie girl

Candy Shop

$1.35 each. How can you resist?

amitie girl


I planned to blog about The Circle Game last week.
It Amitie's current block of the month, but instead of showing you a picture of the quilt and how beautiful it was... I was going to talk about the process of packing it!

I took this photo last week, planning to take more but instead got sick. 

Fever, sore throat, blocked nose... the worst!
 But don't worry, the block of the month has been packaged and sent (Thanks Mum)!

amitie girl