Our new website is up and running!!!!
I've been working hard for a while now to get the website in a good working condition (hopefully you all like it more than our old one)!

We have a good starting selection but I will be adding to it everyday.

Want to have a look?

Loving life at work today

Sue Spargo is finally here and what a great start to her workshops
(Let me try and write this without sounding jealous, I would have loved to participate but I guess somebody has to serve the customers!)

 Preparations started early.
I really love the gasp people make when seeing Sue's work . I was so excited to see her unzip her suitcase of goodies.

The vibe in the class room is amazing - the women and Simon talking, sharing, creating.

The table is bright and colourful.

I could really look at Sue's work for hours. I really appreciate what she does as an artist and would love one day to be as creative and talented as her (but don't we all?)

The one above is my favourite. It's inspired by Sue's childhood, growing up in South Africa. It create the most amazing story in my head. I had an incredibly happy childhood, full of lovely memories... but I have no memory of elephants or giraffe's that don't involve Melbourne Zoo.
I'm starting to sound Jealous, aren't I?
Moving on!

Jenny R's work.

Linda V hard at work.

I'd almost offer to work the weekend to stay, watch and play.

amitie girl


amitie girl

My life Monday...

Loving: how busy we are at the shop. We're in over drive because we have Sue Spargo coming this week. We're so excited to have Sue back with us, and are planning some goodies (and food) for her workshops. I'm also working away at our new website, it's been a long time coming but it's almost ready (thank the lord)!

These silk threads have arrived from Sue's camp, and I am betting they'll be out the door quicker than they came in.

Thinking about: My good friends, especially one. It's my friends 21st birthday today (and I can blame him for being a bit of a space cadet after his birthday celebrations). Happy Birthday to the wonderful Benny. Thanks for making it so hard to get out of bed this morning!

Wearing: One of my many leopard print items - I love leopard print. I think it's a sickness!

Eating: Polly's fantastic passion fruit yo-yo's. Polly was our first work experience girl, and she was a joy to have (disappointed I was in Thailand for most of her visit with us). We love when Polly comes in to visit, she's because quite the patch worker and the girl can bake (as you can see by the picture; Gina, Mum and I have had a great morning munching away)!

Looking forward to: BED!

amitie girl

I love shot cottons so I am so excited to say...


I love these fabrics and couldn't wait to have them come in! They are so beautiful.
There is a large range of plains, and some printed ones too... The mind goes crazy with all the things you can do.

xoxo amitie girl

Shop visitors

amitie girl

My life Monday...

Feeling: A little tired, but incredibly happy after a fantastic weekend of good dancing, good food and good company! A girls night with one of my favourites was just what I needed (love this one x x)!

Wearing: A little summery number teamed with thick black tights, top, scarf and biker style boots. Covered in threads like normal with a purple-red on my nails.

Looking forward to: The weekend to come - have a birthday to go to which promised to be a good night! Also can't wait to have Sue Spargo in town. I've been a busy button preparing wool kits.

Creative space: Started my own Mitali quilt with bright florals... can't wait to get this one together!

amitie girl

Melbourne is so pretty.

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Hosier Lane, City.

Abandoned building in Fitzroy.

Crate man seen from the train line between South Yarra and Richmond Station.

Kissing skeletons on Elizabeth St.

I'm so proud to live in a city that embraces street art. For more great pieces have a look here.

amitie girl


This Friday is sale day here at Amitie and to create a bit of excitement we've decided to do give aways! YUP, you read right. Every hour on the hour (starting at 10.00 am) we will be giving away a gift to one of the lucky customers in store. Kits, books, patterns... all great prizes! Hmm, I wonder if staff can win?

August 6th, 9.30 am - 8 pm
20 - 50% OFF STORE WIDE (in store only, excludes Pfaff products)

Quilt and Craft Fair Melbourne 2010

Another show has passed, and what hard work it is! My feet are still sore... but it's a lot of fun, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people! The stand looked beautiful this year with new displays!

Mum's new Block of the Month was on display, and maybe I am biased but I think it was the most beautiful quilt there!

It's called The Circle Game, and is $40 AUD per month (Includes postage within Australia) and commences this month!

These brightly coloured Kokka fabrics were definitely a hit with customers - I would say our best seller, at $22 per metre!

I really enjoyed the quilt show this year. There was some amazing work on show.

Michelle McKillop's 'Marrakesh' was an eye catcher. I loved her use of brights on the black background. Michelle teaches here at Amitie (see class list on our website).

'Smoothing Iron' by Janette McInnes.

'Texas Star' by Sandra Boyle.

Some exciting news from the show is we will be stockists of the beautiful Reece Scannell shot cottons and we are very exciting. The beautiful and vibrant colours will fit in perfectly with our look here at Amitie, and I cannot wait to have some to play with!

amitie girl


August 6th, 9.30 am - 8 pm
20 - 50% OFF STORE WIDE (in store only, excludes Pfaff products)