Loving life at work today

Sue Spargo is finally here and what a great start to her workshops
(Let me try and write this without sounding jealous, I would have loved to participate but I guess somebody has to serve the customers!)

 Preparations started early.
I really love the gasp people make when seeing Sue's work . I was so excited to see her unzip her suitcase of goodies.

The vibe in the class room is amazing - the women and Simon talking, sharing, creating.

The table is bright and colourful.

I could really look at Sue's work for hours. I really appreciate what she does as an artist and would love one day to be as creative and talented as her (but don't we all?)

The one above is my favourite. It's inspired by Sue's childhood, growing up in South Africa. It create the most amazing story in my head. I had an incredibly happy childhood, full of lovely memories... but I have no memory of elephants or giraffe's that don't involve Melbourne Zoo.
I'm starting to sound Jealous, aren't I?
Moving on!

Jenny R's work.

Linda V hard at work.

I'd almost offer to work the weekend to stay, watch and play.

amitie girl

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