My life Monday...

Loving: how busy we are at the shop. We're in over drive because we have Sue Spargo coming this week. We're so excited to have Sue back with us, and are planning some goodies (and food) for her workshops. I'm also working away at our new website, it's been a long time coming but it's almost ready (thank the lord)!

These silk threads have arrived from Sue's camp, and I am betting they'll be out the door quicker than they came in.

Thinking about: My good friends, especially one. It's my friends 21st birthday today (and I can blame him for being a bit of a space cadet after his birthday celebrations). Happy Birthday to the wonderful Benny. Thanks for making it so hard to get out of bed this morning!

Wearing: One of my many leopard print items - I love leopard print. I think it's a sickness!

Eating: Polly's fantastic passion fruit yo-yo's. Polly was our first work experience girl, and she was a joy to have (disappointed I was in Thailand for most of her visit with us). We love when Polly comes in to visit, she's because quite the patch worker and the girl can bake (as you can see by the picture; Gina, Mum and I have had a great morning munching away)!

Looking forward to: BED!

amitie girl

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