Found this on a blog about tattoos.
Ink to look like embroidery.
Quite amazing!
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Images taken at Red Bennies, not sure by who and not sure when!

Have a good weekend!
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friday is no fun when you have to work saturday...

Usually by this time I would have said "Happy Friday" a few times, and been counting down the minutes until 5.00pm but I have the misfortune of working tomorrow while the boss lady is off to the big game.
Oh wells - 1 Saturday every now and again isn't that bad... I guess...
I haven't had much time for creating lately - just haven't been in the mood lately I guess but last night while I was trying to sleep (always when you're trying to sleep).

I had my Mitali Quilt on my mind.

Needs a lot of work and re-jigging but I think it's heading in a good direction. It's bright and fun with a lot of pink! I've started this quilt with a bag full of scraps (a few amazing finds in Mum's scrap pile) and end of bolts. My only outline was I wanted to use lots of flowers hoping to have a quilt that in some way resembled a flower garden.
The Mitali pattern is great for scraps and is a lot of fun as the block is always changing. I highly recommend!
But I have to admit... what was really on my mind, late last night!

This bolt of black and white striped stretch jersey and it had nothing to do with the football!!
I want to make a scarf - a thick, long, casual, raw edge, just sort of chucked together scarf... and I have 1 week to make it.
Wish me luck!

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hot pies...

I'm not a football follower - I never really cared for finals fever until now and not because I'm jumping on my team's band wagon. Oh no! This is much better than my team winning!

What could be better than your own team reaching the grand final?!

Your mother's team being in the finals!

Thank you very much to the boys in white and black... you've put the biggest smile on her face!

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Exciting news... Kaffe Fasset lecture tickets are now on sale.

Kaffe will be speaking Saturday 19th of Feb. Tickets are $50 each.
Bring along your books for him to sign in the book signing.
They are available to purchase online here.

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Late last week I did something. Something I rarely do. Something that scares me but I did it...
I turned the oven on and cooked!
 I cooked without burning myself, any kitchen wares or the house down!!
For those that don't know me, I am far from being a domestic goddess. My friends and family joke about how terrible I am in the kitchen but I managed to shut them all up for a fleeting moment last Friday night.

I made baklava... and it was delicious (if I can say so myself).
 Recipe found here

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tweet, tweet...

You've probably read this on Amitie's blog but just in case you haven't heard... we're doing a mystery round robin quilt. All staff here are joining in and making a quilt. Jenny set the challenge and made the centre block, Gina is next and will add her border and then so on. I am excited to see what happens when all our styles are combined! It promises to be lots of fun with different techniques, some machine and some hand.
The pattern will be a FREE PDF!!!! and you can sign up by emailing us at amitie@amitie.com.au, subject: rockin' robin. 

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little folk...


We've had Anna Maria Horner's Little Folk collection in store for a while now, but I'm still absolutely in love with it! The colours, the feel... it's so yummy! It's also available at our online store here and for $28 per meter, it's hard to say no.

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Linen love

 New linens in store and online 
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My life Monday...

Feeling: Exhausted after yet another important birthday celebreation. This one was for my wifey/Masterchef. We danced, laughed, drank, ate, laughed some more. Was bliss.

Also feeling excited and proud that the new website is up. It's been hard to get that little baby up off the ground but we're finally there and I'll continue the hard work, loading all the new fabrics as they walk in the door. Please have a look and tell me what you think : www.amitie.com.au

Looking forward to: PARKLIFE! Yes, yes, yes, the music festival season all starts again and it starts with a bang. Missy Elliot is headlining this years Parklife and I can't wait to get my freak on.

Listening to: Robyn's 'Body Talk Part 1". Favourite song 'Cry when you get older". So fun to dance and sing a long too!

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