friday is no fun when you have to work saturday...

Usually by this time I would have said "Happy Friday" a few times, and been counting down the minutes until 5.00pm but I have the misfortune of working tomorrow while the boss lady is off to the big game.
Oh wells - 1 Saturday every now and again isn't that bad... I guess...
I haven't had much time for creating lately - just haven't been in the mood lately I guess but last night while I was trying to sleep (always when you're trying to sleep).

I had my Mitali Quilt on my mind.

Needs a lot of work and re-jigging but I think it's heading in a good direction. It's bright and fun with a lot of pink! I've started this quilt with a bag full of scraps (a few amazing finds in Mum's scrap pile) and end of bolts. My only outline was I wanted to use lots of flowers hoping to have a quilt that in some way resembled a flower garden.
The Mitali pattern is great for scraps and is a lot of fun as the block is always changing. I highly recommend!
But I have to admit... what was really on my mind, late last night!

This bolt of black and white striped stretch jersey and it had nothing to do with the football!!
I want to make a scarf - a thick, long, casual, raw edge, just sort of chucked together scarf... and I have 1 week to make it.
Wish me luck!

amitie girl

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