It's a huge task.
But it gets done.

I hope you all enjoy this months blocks.

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Kansas City

It's pouring in Melbourne today. The walk in the rain this morning made me miss the warm, sunny days we had in Kansas City.

Nothing but blue skies.

Look who I got to pose for a photo!

It wasn't just all strolling around taking pictures. There was lots of um-ing and ahh-ing over what our customers would like in the shop..We're still working really hard to get good quality prices at a better price so stay tuned to the blogs and website to know what's new and exciting.

And ok, I'll admit it... there was a little bit of stitching done too.

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Quilt Market 2012

Sorry for the lack of blog posts while we were away. Market is always so busy, plus having the flu of all flu's didn't help (down time was spent sleeping, not blogging). I also find the internet painfully slow in hotels over there. As stupid as it sounds it makes me love the internet access we have down under (it's the little things in life, right?)

The journey over was long. Melb - LA - Dallas - Kansas City. Nobody seemed to sleep on the long haul flight heading over, leaving both the Boss Lady and me very tired.

But we made it in once piece.

The quilt shop tour was great. We got to see a few surrounding areas of KC downtown. A small town called Parkville stole our hearts. I couldn't get over how green Kansas City was. Beautiful trees everywhere, and the gorgeous weatherboard American style houses were really something.
Shopping for fabric is never a chore so this was a nice day out!

This visit was my second Quilt Market. It always amazes me how big it is. There's so much energy and excitement there.
I get a little star struck at times. Chatting to the big names like Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner was lovely.
Anna Maria Horner was one of my favourite booths. Cannot wait to have her new range Field Study in our store!

Jen and Anna Maria Horner having a chat in the booth. Check out Anna Maria Horner's blog HERE.

Another amazing booth was Denyse Schmidts. Loved the free flowing feel of the inspiration wall.

Seeing familiar faces at Quilt Market is always nice.
Kel from Don't Look Now is always a smiling face to find. Her booth really stands out with her bright and fresh style. It's nice to see home grown talent, and I mean home grown! Kel shops with us, and also did classes many years ago with Jen!

Check out Kellie's Blog HERE.

It's amazing the effort that goes into the stands at Market. Michael Miller fabrics won best booth. Their circus theme was very cute and these huge elephants (taller than me and I am 5'10") made a huge statement!

BUT... my favourite? The absolute favourite thing I saw at Market.
Liberty of London's new patchwork fabric range. I cannot wait to have these in the shop. They have just been released, so not too sure on how long the wait will be but beautiful, amazing new Liberty fabrics come to those to wait. That's how the saying goes, no?

More to come from Kansas City. I will share with you some of the pics I took around town but I might save that for another post (maybe tomorrow, if there's time).

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I turned 25 on Wednesday.

Birthdays always make me think of the year that's been and the year to come. I feel like 24 was a year of smiles, tears, laughter, stress, growth and learning and honestly, I think 25 will be the same.

Thank you to my lovely Laura for this cake. Also BIG thanks to Louise, Gina and Mum! So Much chocolatey goodness this year!

As my birthday week (yes, in our house we claim a week) comes to an end I feel incredibly grateful. Birthdays are always such a lovely reminder of the love that surrounds you.

It was the year of lovely cards - this is just one of many that really touched my heart.

 I hope that 25 will bring lots of laughter, love and adventures. There's a lot I wish to accomplish this year from being healthier, to exploring the world of photography, and of course I think it's time I get behind the wheel.

In crafting news, I have been pretty fixated on chopping up my scraps into squares for a little plane stitching as Jen and I are off on a buying trip to source fabric (happy birthday to me)!

But before we take off I need to celebrate with friends....

Enjoy your weekend!
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Trade Winds

I love this range.
In store now!

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Live below the line

My friend, Kathleen, is starving herself for charity. She's participating in the Live Below the Line challenge next week. This means she has to feed her self for 5 days with just $10. Yes, That's $2 a day. I think it's incredible to even consider doing it as I wouldn't even know where to start with the meal planning.

If you'd like to support her in this amazing effort please donate to this fantastic cause which raises awareness that people living in extreme poverty only have $2 a day to survive but it also raises money for the Oak Tree Foundation to make a difference.

Click HERE to donate.

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