Fabric for $16.50 - ALL AUGUST

We've slashed our prices to reward our customers.

ALL* fabrics $16.50

Yes, you read right. $16.50!

Come in quick and grab yourself a bargain.

*Excludes Liberty of London, Linen and Organic cottons. In store only.
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Heading to the show?

Yes, we'll be at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Show this weekend and we're doing things a little differently this time!
$5.00 EACH

$17 per metre
usually $24.50

$10 per metre
usually $17.50
$26.50 per metre

usually $44

$17.00 per metre
usually $28.50


We'll also have a beautiful range of kits and NEW fabrics from Japan.
We'll also begin sign ups for Gina's new Block of the Month and a teaser of Jenny's new Block of the Month.

Come visit us at stand H36!
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Can't blog... packing.

The show is creeping up on us... it's always such a huge task packing for these things but hey, somebody has to do it!

Can't tell you what we're packing just yet but here is a sneak peek.

See you next week at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt show.

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New Liberty of London fabrics.

Available at www.amitie.com.au under NEW PRODUCTS

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Melbourne Quilt and Craft

Stock preperation is in full swing for the Melbourne Quilt and Craft show.

We'll have Liberty of London there including fat 1/16 rolls which is a great way to build your liberty collection at only $3.00 per roll.
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Cutting, classes and a few other things.

Started cutting out my latest project - I am not the greatest with rotary cutters so I am trying very hard, and taking my time. All this cutting seems like a never ending project right now, but I will be happy (and pretty chuffed with myself) when it's done and I can start sewing it together.

I have a number of projects on the go at the moment so I have booked in to do a class at the shop on Monday night with the boss lady (a.k.a. Mum) to get some stuff finished.
On the list.
Binding for THIS quilt.
Long sashing and borders for THIS quilt.

Might book into a class more often and knock some projects out of the way. It's so great sewing in the shop, with the table space for sewing and cutting. I struggle with cutting at home because of my height - I get a sore back and shoulders  if I am working on a table too low so the cutting tables here really help.
If you're interested in coming to classes - we have a huge range with some of the greatest teachers you'll find it Melbourne. Take a look at our class list on our website: www.amitie.com.au

For those that might have read on the Amitie blog - we have Jodie Carleton coming to teach.
She will be teaching her Reuben the Donkey pattern which I am sure will come with many tips and tricks on how to construct perfect and adorable soft toys! I couldn't resist this class so I have booked in to do it myself with one of my girlfriends.
There are limited places available so check out the details on the website and come along!

For those that don't know we'll be at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft fair, at the end of the month.
We have a lot planned for this one so make sure you pop past and pay us a visit!

Also - I have loaded our new, fantastically priced fabrics onto the website.
Check them out under the NEW PRODUCT section.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Our commitment

There has been a lot of heat lately about shopping OS vs. Local. I had my say many months ago (if you'd like to read, you can find it HERE). I was obviously early with my post because back then it was not such a hot topic and now it's starting to come to a head.
I can't go over all the points again... there's really no use but what I can say is we get it! We see the huge difference in prices and we understand the draw so it's our commitment to our customer to get product on our shelf at a better price and we hope that by doing this it becomes our customers commitment to keep Amitie Textiles alive.

We have some of the Tula Pink range, RRP $24.50, we have it for $16 per meter.

Also some of the new FreeSpirit plain voile at $19.00 per meter!

I have blogged before about our prices VS. craft superstore prices (have a read HERE). I am always so shocked at the difference!

Clover Magnetic Pin Caddy: Usually retails anyway between $26 - $32 ($32 at leading craft superstores), our price, only $20!

And the fantastic 'Frosted Donut', great for all hand sewing projects that requirements lots of coloured threads RRP $69.95, our price $53!

These are just some of the products we have for less - why not pay us a visit and see what else you find!
281 Centre Road, Bentleigh 3204
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Playing with 'vintage'

Another quilt is being planned - I honestly can't help myself. I guess when you're surrounded by fabric and creativity all day, 5 days a week it is easy to get carried away!

I wanted to make a quilt for my 'Ichi Ban' - a best friend to me. 

She has recently flown the nest and I thought a quilt would be a lovely house warming gift. She has a very unique style so instead of guessing I asked her to come in and pick one fabric I could start with.

She found two she loved...

Challenging at first but once Gina, Mum and I got into the swing of it we finally had ALL the fabrics I needed...

Can't wait to get this one started (but have to finish one or two first). Such a fun mix of prints and the colours are lovely and soft. I love all the vintage style floral prints!

I am going to turn this bundle into a version of 'Casual Comfort', one of our favourite patterns here at Amitie using a nice soft brown linen as the center square.
There are 3 kits available. If you're interested please call the shop on (03) 9557 8551 or e-mail: amitie@amitie.com.au

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