Cutting, classes and a few other things.

Started cutting out my latest project - I am not the greatest with rotary cutters so I am trying very hard, and taking my time. All this cutting seems like a never ending project right now, but I will be happy (and pretty chuffed with myself) when it's done and I can start sewing it together.

I have a number of projects on the go at the moment so I have booked in to do a class at the shop on Monday night with the boss lady (a.k.a. Mum) to get some stuff finished.
On the list.
Binding for THIS quilt.
Long sashing and borders for THIS quilt.

Might book into a class more often and knock some projects out of the way. It's so great sewing in the shop, with the table space for sewing and cutting. I struggle with cutting at home because of my height - I get a sore back and shoulders  if I am working on a table too low so the cutting tables here really help.
If you're interested in coming to classes - we have a huge range with some of the greatest teachers you'll find it Melbourne. Take a look at our class list on our website:

For those that might have read on the Amitie blog - we have Jodie Carleton coming to teach.
She will be teaching her Reuben the Donkey pattern which I am sure will come with many tips and tricks on how to construct perfect and adorable soft toys! I couldn't resist this class so I have booked in to do it myself with one of my girlfriends.
There are limited places available so check out the details on the website and come along!

For those that don't know we'll be at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft fair, at the end of the month.
We have a lot planned for this one so make sure you pop past and pay us a visit!

Also - I have loaded our new, fantastically priced fabrics onto the website.
Check them out under the NEW PRODUCT section.

Have a lovely weekend!

amitie girl


Chookyblue...... said...

Jodies class would be a hoot.........she is so funny.........

wished you were at the Sydney Quilt show (just pasted) were missed by me and a few others.

ifabrikate said...

Hooray...I live in Qld but will conveniently be in Melbourne on July 29th... and staying opposite the convention centre! Saving the $$$$$!