Update: Market

So at the end of day 2 all I can say is "wow"! I'm always amazed by the size of Houston International Quilt Market. It's huge, with so much to see. It's always exciting seeing the big players. Chatting to Tula Pink was fun, and Amy Butler's booth is incredibly beautiful.
Melody Miller is another stand out booth of me. Cute vintage feel, full of the sweetest bits and bobs! Her booth is Christmas themed and the hanging star lights are the nicest touch.
Not to mention our Sesame St friends here!
My all time favourites haven't disappointed (and I knew they wouldn't).
Alexander Henry.
Your booth. Your fabrics.
I love you!
This wall at Art Series Fabrics keeps catching my eye.
The George R Brown centre is huge. I would guess it's about twice the size of Jeff's Shed in Melbourne, all dedicated to crafty-goodness! It's a pretty interesting building, so here I am snapping away at things that really don't have anything to do with why I am here (most of them found on trips to and from Starbucks)!
Last year was my first Market, and I gifted myself a beautiful vintage ring so this year I decided to make it tradition. Another Houston Market, another ring. Well, 2 rings.
They are engraved with words: Faith, Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Balance and Peace.
They are perfection!
If you're wondering what the hits are?
Georgetown on my Mind and Green tea & Sweet Beans have caught everybody's eye but to be honest - they're all eye catchers.
(Note: There's way more to come. I have been taking photo after photo on my 'Big Girl' camera but I have no photo editing on my laptop IDIOT so stay tuned after our return... I plan to share more because trust me, THERE'S A LOT AT MARKET)
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Chookyblue...... said...

loving the pics.........glad things are going well.....

Louise said...

Good news Lucy! Loving the rings! Hope someone gets a pic of you dancing ;)

Cathy said...

Keep the pics coming, love it. Love the rings too!! Glad you are having fun! xo