Happy busy friday!

I've been a very busy bee these past few days.
Cutting, ripping, folding, sorting, collating... yes, it's the next piece of the BOM puzzle for all participating in The Circle Game! I am so grateful that the planning process was a little better this time around. Although Green Tea and Sweet Beans was an amazingly beautiful BOM, there was SOOOO much more cutting. Sending out pieces 2" by 4"sent me a little bit batty.

Doing BOM once a month is a pretty scary reminder of how quickly this year is going already... Cannot believe it is nearly April! Been busy quilting this very special quilt from this post. It's almost birthday time for that lucky lady so better have her present waiting!
Also keeping me off the streets is the Down Under Quilt Swap. This is the first swap I have ever done, and also my first doll quilt. I am having the best time, creating something I hope my partner will love!
The brief: bright and cheerful, very much her style... so here's a sneak peak of fabric selection!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

amitie girl


Unknown said...

Are you going to sell pattern to green tea and sweet beans? I hate that I missed that bom. It is lovely!

Lucy said...

Hi Jenni,
We are currently working on the pattern for GT & SB. It's an incredibly hard quilt to format - hopefully it'll be ready soon!
Something to look forward to!

amitie girl