Eat, sleep, stitch... repeat!

So - Life has been a little lop sided since NYs. Well, actually longer than that...
After days at work spent yawning, and the usual evening routine being nap, dinner then early to bed. 
A few weekends where my sleeping pattern has been entertaining/worrying (one weekend managing to sleep for 24 hours straight, only to wake up and nap two hours later). I finally made it/was dragged to the doctor! I survived my blood test and discovered I have glandular fever.
Nothing to worry about - my bank account is singing after very little social activity and i have been using the much needed down time to further my love of craft and explore the world of paper piecing.
 White fabric on a white table ; not great for photos!

This lovely little thing will be small cot sized quilt; a shop sample for when we start to sell papers. It's been a really enjoyable and incredibly addictive project. Tips of fingers are looking a little dodgy (Thanks Mum for the new thimble) and anytime spent on the couch without a needle in my hand feels like a complete waste of time!

amitie girl!


Andi said...

Get better soon.
Bet don't let that stop you stitching. That's a gorgeous little quilt-in-the-making.
Andi x

Lisa said...

I've just discovered the joys of paper piecing, and I'm loving it! Can't wait to see the papers you guys get in. Hope you're feeling better!

fi said...

its good to get some answers isnt it, rest upxoxoo and a excited that Amitie will be selling papers:)

meli B said...

Lovely blocks.