Just call me Nigella

Taking it easy has never been so sweet...

I decided to use my down time on the weekend to explore the world of desserts.
And to my surprise I was quite successful.

I will add this one to the very short list of things I can cook!

Now on to something a little more crafty!

This is a planning photo. It is the beginning of my first quilt, a bit of a Gee's Bend that I thought would be a quick project, and it'd be whipped up in no time.

How wrong I was.
That photo was taken 2 years ago (maybe even longer)!

This quilt has been something I held close to my heart, then something I couldn't stand to look at but it has come full circle again (thank the lord). I love it's use of plains, and the big stitch quilting.
This photo was taken a week or so ago and although still not finished, it's pretty damn close and I am pretty damn proud! 
amitie girl


Andi said...

That's a gorgeous quilt.
And a delish looking dessert!!
What is it and may I please have the recipe?
Andi x

Louise said...

That dessert is brilliant - go you!!! Can't wait to see the quilt all finished and hanging in the shop to inspire our lovely customers!