I am so tried today... life's been pretty busy.
So many nights last week were spent being wined and dined, so really shouldn't complain about being tired! Left my camera charging at the shop so very few photos were taken... but I managed to capture a few on my phone.

Flowers from my lovely friend Dana on Thursday night.

 Friday was busy here at the shop... the newsletter had to go out (forgive the blank emails guys, a PDF was attached to all but my computer still seems to still be sick from the dirty virus day. The newsletter can be viewed HERE.)
Friday was also spent packing a few tasty treats for the ladies at Bay Quilters Guild.

Scrap bags, pre-cut 30cm and bias binding rolls.

The badge machine came out of hiding to make some Liberty of London badges.

And also some Liberty of London half meter packs had to be put together. These are a great way to build your Liberty stash and are available in store for $25 per pack.

I wasn't able to join Mum on Saturday as I was off to discuss my future (YAY...more about this at a later date) but Sunday we were off together to pay the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild a visit. We took some yummy things for for these ladies too and I was asked to give a quick demonstration on how I paper piece with glue. I was pretty nervous, I guess because I'm no expect but I did my best and the ladies seemed to enjoy it.
I didn't get a chance to take many photos but snapped a few before we left!

Loved the blocks on the ground. Part of a Online Quilting Bee - what a great idea! Might have to do an Amitie one at some stage!

 It'll be early off to bed for my tonight - but not until I do a little bit of sewing. A little picture of what I'm currently working on...

amitie girl

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