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OK, I will admit it. I've been struggling. I don't have the amazing talent that my mother has of mixing wildly eclectic fabrics and making them look better than good. Putting my first Stash Club block together has been interesting. Lots of trial and error. Cutting out, stitching, unpicking. Scratching my head, making more tea then scratching my head again.
I have resisted the urge of adding any fabrics from my personal stash so far but as I creep towards the end it's getting harder and harder.
I think I am almost there but who knows. I am struggling to see the big picture of the finished block. Once I get to that final stitch and look at it, I might think YUCK! But this will be it... I can't unpick anymore and to be honest, I miss my scrappy squares.

It's can't just be me who sometimes hits these sorts of bumps in the sewing road?!

amitie girl

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Patty said...

I think it looks fabulous and I might just be a copycat! :)