Work and Life - The Instagram Way

Haven't had many words to share lately.
The past few weeks have been a whirl.

She's back!
And thank goodness...

A back injury has seriously slowed me down.
The healing process is a long one. Taking my mind off things hasn't been easy but a box of scraps and a 2" square template has certainly helped. This is a project I will slowly work on probably for years... but I know I'll enjoy the journey.

I've had to focus on lots of warm rest and relaxation.
Can't really complain about that!

We've celebrated my big sisters birthday.
Happy 30th Megga (and congrats Mumma Jen on an amazing cake).

 Back at work today.

Donkey pattern available.

Quilt by Jen, soon to be featured in a magazine.

Liberty of London.

BOM mail.


Dress making fabric.

Mustache fabric - I LOVE THIS!

Rosters and another project by Jen Kingwell.

It's easy to feel miserable when things don't go your way but I am trying something new.
My new motto:

And with weather like this...

And this to look forward to...

The bright side is easy to find.

amitie girl

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Susie said...

Hope you feel better soon - nothing worse than a back injury - you can't isolate your back!