New beginnings

Our new block of the month, The Gypsy Wife, starts at the end of this month.

I love this quilt. I'm so tempted to make one of these quilts for me, and doing the patterns for it doesn't help! The patterns are written for machine piecing, but we're also including the template shapes for you hand piecing types.

Something else that is new and exciting is the Dear Stella fabrics that have arrived in our store. These fabrics are so fresh and funky. We saw them at market in Houston and couldn't resist. They are so fresh and really suit many projects.

You should have seen the dresses they were wearing on stand made in Chevron (above). Love!

I am working hard to get these all online and I know at $18.50 per meter they'll be hard to resist, but I appreciate your patience!

 As for the new beginnings in my personal life?
I moved yesterday. I've spent the last week or 2 packing my whole life into boxes and bags. The amount of unfinished craft projects that got carted to the new place was a little bit over whelming.

I now live close enough to work to walk everyday and I stumbled upon this picture on my way today... just love the colour combination!

amitie girl


Lisa said...

Oh I signed up for the BOM and I can't wait! So excited!

SueB said...

This looks like so much fun..