Today I went to the Downtown Houston Aquarium.

This is Zulu, an African Grey Parrot.
He was hiding up high, but after clicking my tongue a few times he started to make his way down the wires to investigate.

After closer inspection, he gave me a wolf whistle so I think we're friends.

There were white tigers are the aquarium.
This is Nero - he was lovely. Sat very still for me to take photos. This is one of many... he stole my heart a little!

Aquariums are not photo friendly environments. Thick glass and dark spaces.

I walked back to the hotel in the sunshine.

There seems to be a lot of public art around the streets of Downtown.
Reminds me of Melbourne, in ways.

The only photo of me on this trip... hiding behind my camera.

More to come another day, I need to hit the sack for Festival tomorrow.

amitie girl

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