Houston... so far

Greetings from Houston Texas. We landed safely a few days ago after a long, quite tricky journey with no sleep, 2 hours in customs lines and a missed connecting flight but we're here in one piece and in good health so can't complain.

My first view of America this trip might not have been the prettiest but it was exciting.

Houston has grabbed my attention in an interesting way. We're staying in the business district and when they say business, they don't mess around. There are few cafes, and pretty much no retail stores. Very different to my home town, Melbourne.

We're surrounded by high rise buildings, and car parks. There's not much to really take in yet but I've had little time to explore with my camera.

Today was Schoolhouse. You run around like a mad person all day listening to different speakers. There were some familiar faces, and lots of new ones with exciting products and ideas.
Tomorrow is day 1 of market where we get a chance to shop for new stock, I'll try and post again soon to keep you in the know!

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Katrina said...

When I went a few years back I stayed at Hotel Derek, which is directly across the street from the Galleria, which is starkly different from downtown area. It's lush and beautiful and has tons of places to shop and eat. Taking a 20$ cab ride each way was totally worth it and still ended up being cheaper in comparision to rates at the show hotels downtown. There is also another lovely hotel near there called the Houstonian which I think embodies Houston hospitality to a T!