Friends that paper piece together...

I was pretty happy when my best friend Kath told me she wanted to start a quilt.
"I think I want to try it with papers, like you do?" - my eyes must have lit up when she said this!

Kath was in the store on Tuesday picking fabrics and went home to get started.
She popped in again today to show us what she'd done and to say I am impressed would be an understatement!

This was the pattern she picked - huge transformation when it's done in Kath's bright and funky colour palette!.

Can't wait to see it finished - she's aiming for it to be queen sized!

amitie girl


Journaling Jenna said...

This is a beautiful and creative representation of your friendship. Do you have any friendship advice for a girl who is having some difficulties with her besties?

Andi said...

She's got the knack!!

Unknown said...

If she can do that in a couple of days as a novice then the queen size should be a snap! What a natural!

Sarah said...

Love love love her colour choices! Wow! This is going to be a beauty!

Tina Craig said...

I saw this on pinterest today. I thought it was a lovely table runner. It will be incredible as a bed size quilt!