Machine Quilting with Deb Louie

The past few days have been a bit of a blur with the whir of machines and handy hints.
"Slow hands"
"Frame it up"
"Count the stitches"

We've had Deb Louie with us teaching machine quilting and machine applique. This woman is a fountain of knowledge - it's quite amazing. Anything you want to know about machine quilting, she knows it! And even more amazing, she knows almost everything about ANY machine...I struggle with just the features on our Pfaff machines.

They've been fun filled days with lots of chatter and laughter. I was so impressed by how everybody took to the techniques - they were all such good students!

But of course not everything goes to plan.
Our dishwasher broke... which meant washing dishes for 12 students in the sink (URGH) and as anybody who has been to the shop will know: our kitchen here is TINY! Some very interesting balancing acts going on with cups on bowls, and bowls on plates!

Deb will hopefully be back again next year to teach this workshop for any who missed out!

amitie girl


Evelyn Jackson said...

I loved the classes! Absolutely invaluable. I not only learnt so much about machine quilting and applique, but I also learnt loads about my new Janome Horizon. Ev

Andi said...

I saw some lovely familiar faces in those shots!! I did Deb's class a couple of years ago and LOVED it!!