So much to say, so little time!

Been a while since I've blogged... life's been pretty flat out. Balancing a visit from Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably with rearranging the shop and glandular has been a little touch and go but here I am on the other side still breathing!

Start with the most exciting... Kaffe and Brandon!!!
Talk about inspiration! These boys find beauty in colour and print everywhere they look. I feel like I've been walking around Melbourne with my eyes closes... so much I've been walking past and missing!
 The lecture last Saturday was a huge success - 250 people, all sitting in awe. Some brilliant questions were asked, and a lot of laughs were had. Was lovely to see so many smiling faces leave the venue!
I've walked away thinking I'll design this quilt and that one, do some mosaic and try a little tapestry (some more unfinished projects ahead in my future me thinks)!

The excitement was too much, and all I managed to capture was a series of blurry photos!

The boys enjoyed a look around The Ian Potter Art Centre with the Boss Lady (a.k.a Mum) and myself. The Fabulous Jenny R (all the way from Sydney) taxi'd us around.

 I particularly loved this one. Hot pink, black and white. YUM!

Being in the city I couldn't help myself and had to show Kaffe and Brandon a little bit of Melbourne street art, so we made the quick trip from Fed Square to Hosier Lane (it's across the road but Jen still drove us, thanks Jen!)

Kaffe and Brandon were quick to jump out of the car and take a look around.
Here's some of the amazing art that caught my eye.

Great stripes!

Unfortunately on the Sunday of the workshop I wasn't feeling the best so spent the day in bed. For the hot gossip check out here and here.

Now onto some more fabric related news...

  I will be loading them onto the website starting Monday... just have to tidy the shop, package block of the month and find time to sleep!

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Andi said...

Feel better soon!!

Lisa said...

Feel better! You know it was just yesterday I was thinking I would love to do a Liberty quilt....TOO much of a coincidence!!