"I'm High Tech Baby" - Fembot, by Robyn

Trying to get Amitie a spot on the online map.
We now have a Facebook fan page - This will be a place for quick updates and photo sharing.
I am trying to kick start our Flickr presence by adding a new group for The Circle Game blog. Flickr is a new thing for me, please have patience while I master it!
Our online store is there and will be getting bigger and better very soon.
And of course the 2 blogs.
I wonder how many user names and passwords my brain can store before it explodes?
amitie girl


Andi said...

You are going to LOOOOVE flickr.

Belinda aka beeware said...

Cool..I'm glad you have set up a flickr group for circle game- we were taking over the GTSBs one!! Look forward to seeing pretty amitie pictures.