After 9 hours in uncomfortable JetStar cattle class (lesson learnt... leg room is worth a couple of extra dollars), I arrived in Thailand. We landed at 10 pm and got driven into Bangkok. Because it was dark I didn't quite grasp how different this city is compared to Melbourne... it's a completely different world! Talk about a population explosion. The streets are crowded, and full of life. Street vendors as far as the eye can see, and taxis. Lots of taxis. I am so glad I saw Bangkok, but am in no rush to go back. The shopping was good, but the city is hot and smelly... not a very relaxing back drop for what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday!

Next stop - Koh Phangan A.K.A Heaven on earth. If anybody is planning a trip to Thailand, I really recommend Centara on Phangan. It was perfection. Private beach, bungalow style rooms, friendly staff and peaceful. Of all the places I saw, this is one place I can't wait to revisit and show to my loved ones.
Koh Samui was like Koh Phangan but a little more fast paced. Great for shopping, and some amazing restaurants.

My holiday was cut short, but I did manage to make it to Phuket for one night to visit a very dear friend of mine. She made sure my last night in Thailand was one to remember and lead me to Dino Bar - An amazing cocktail bar that is Flinstone's themed and outside is a baby elephant. It was amazing. He wasn't chained up like a lot of the animals you come across over there. He was a happy and playful thing who loved the bananas you could buy to feed him.

Thailand is a place I will never forget - I saw some beautiful things while there and it made me realise what an amazing life I live back home.

amitie girl

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Lisa said...

Looks gorgeous, Thailand is on my list of places to go - that beach looks divine :)