Two small projects. One Big Obsession.

With the weather being so cold, I have been spending a lot of time inside. The cosy couch, with a quilt and the heater going is just too inviting. It's been great! I have been doing a lot of small projects sewn by hand which is so relaxing!

An example of the paper piecing I mentioned in a previous post. I have really been enjoying it. I'm still not sure if I want to try and do a hexagon quilt (afraid it will take me 100 years)! I have appliqued 2 of the smaller ones onto linen to turn into a project for the shop (more on this later). I've also enjoyed fussy cutting some fabrics for the hexagon flowers!

I love Hello Kitty. I'm not sure when my love for her started, and at the age of 23 I sometimes wonder why I find her so cute... but why deny myself? So I decided to do some stitching on white linen of a simple Hello Kitty that I plan to stretch over a frame, and put in my bedroom. I think it's adorable.
I am a little worried though. This is my phone cover.

And these are my keys...

I wonder when I will grow out of this obsession and move onto the next? And with my up and coming trip to Thailand, where I am assured there's truckloads of Hello Kitty stuff... Will I grow out of it?

amitie girl


Andi said...

Just make sure you don't end up like this ...

Have fun in Thailand.
(And love your hexies)
Andi :-)

Gina E. said...

Hi Amitie Girl,
Can't remember where I found you - possibly on someone else's craft blog? Anyway, here I am, and enjoying your blog. I chuckled over your Hello Kitty stuff - I love it too. The first time I ever heard of it must have been about 20 years ago, when my hubby brought home a rubber/eraser he saw in a shop. It was a Hello Kitty one, so me being a cat lover...I've since bought a few other things, but I never thought of doing a stitchery - that is really cute! Did you make that up yourself, or find it somewhere? I'd love to do one myself, but won't pinch it from your blog until I have your permission.
Gina (also a Melbourne Girl)

Lucy said...

Hi Gina,
The stitchery isn't complete. Still have to finish her head but she was fun to make and so quick and easy!
Feel free to do one! I just found a picture of Hello Kitty I liked and did a rough sketch of it onto some white linen and used a simple back stitch!
Planning on stretching it over a wooden frame and putting it in my room!
Thanks for following my blog!